Eliza received a cute cat for her birthday this year and she is crazy about her new pet. She has turned into a true cat lady fashionista and she takes her pet with her everywhere she goes. Today she is going to the beauty parlor to get a facial beauty treatment and have her hair done. Her pet will benefit from a similar spa salon treatment. While Eliza spoils her skin with a fabulous facial beauty session, her pet will get a muzzle beauty treatment. Next the young lady cat will enjoy a hair care treatment, while her cute pet will have her fur washed and groomed. Have fun with the crazy cat lady and her pet, giving them a complete spa salon makeover. Cleanse their face with cleanser, use eyes concealer, lip balm, face mask and cream. Next, it is hairstyle time for the girl and her kitty. Use shampoo, conditioner and hair mask on both of them and make them look beautiful. Have fun playing this brand new facial beauty game!