Melanie is going to a cocktail party this evening. The dress code requires elegant evening outfits for both men and women. Melanie has a few gorgeous dresses to choose from, but before getting to the dress up part, she must stop by the beauty salon first. Prepare the cute girl for the fancy cocktail party with a facial beauty treatment. Cleanse and freshen up her skin complexion with cleanser, scrub, toner, cream and facial mask. Take care of her hairy eyebrows and wax the mustache. Continue the makeover turning into her hair stylist. Create fashionable waves using the straightener or curling iron. Go for a trendy chic bun or braided hairstyle. Pick the most stunning cocktail party dress for Melanie to wear. She adores the red gown which looks sensational on her, but she also likes the printed blue velvet dress. Accessorize the it dress with dazzling earrings, necklace, cuffs and clutch. Enjoy playing our newest facial beauty game for girls!