Everybody wants to look pretty and presentable on the first date. Clawd Wolf needs a beardy makeover to impress his date. His beard is quite messy, not being shaved for a few weeks now. He is not sure whether to get a beard styling or beard removal though. What is your suggestion, girls? Would you go on a date with a bearded guy or do you fancy a clean shaved dude instead? Who is the lucky Monster High diva? Try both looks on Clawd Wolf giving him a fancy Monster High beardy makeover. Style up his beard in a hipster or lumber sexual way washing, brushing, cutting and trimming. Shave it completely if it makes him more handsome. Style up his hair in a trendy new men's haircut. Dress up Clawd Wolf in fashionable Monster High outfits for school and spare time. Pick a street or smart casual attire for Clawd Wolf to wear on his fabulous date. Don't forget the flowers bouquet and a cool pair of sunglasses! Have a great time playing our brand new facial beauty game!