Do you wanna look like a true fashion diva on the Christmas Day, ladies? This beauty salon has all you need to achieve that. Begin the Christmas diva salon makeover with an astonishing facial beauty treatment. Pamper your skin complexion with fabulous beauty cosmetics like cleansing foam, scrub, lotions, skin toner, creams and masks. Remove spots and dead skin cells. Pluck the messy eyebrows and have them shaped after the latest trends. Make up and hair styling are next. Get a sensational Christmas diva make up and hairdo. Red lips are a must. Add matching eye shadow, mascara, blush and foundation to complete the make up session. Braids, buns and loose curls are amazing hair styling ideas for the magic winter holiday. Complete the makeover with an elegant outfit. A fancy glam red dress is perfect for the party, while a cute green top and skirt or jeans can be worn on the eve. Have fun playing our newest facial beauty game!