Chelsea is a pretty little girl who loves playing outside, getting messy from head to toe. Taking a bath afterwards is a real hustle for her mom, as Chelsea hates bathing in the bathtub. Her mom figured out a fab way to lure her mischievous daughter to the bathroom. She spoils Chelsea with a spa salon bath. First, the bathtub is filled up with water, scented oils, colorful shampoo bubbles and lots of toys. Next, the spa salon treatment takes place. Chelsea is spoiled with facial beauty cosmetics like cleansing lotions, scrubs, facial creams and masks. She is also pampered with hair care products for a smooth and silky hair look. The spoiling time continues with a make up and dress up session. Should Chelsea wear any make up at all considering her age or should she skip this spa stage and get straight to dressing up? Check out her girly chic clothes, shoes and accessories, and have fun playing with them. Enjoy playing our newest facial beauty game!