Central Park is one of the main touristic attractions in New York City and it is situated in the center part of Manhattan, being a public park open to visitors all year round. Central Park is a must see location for any tourist visiting New York City and Manhattan. Central Park was created in 1857 and it is an American historic landmark. Did you know that Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States of America? You can get an incredible view over Central Park from the top of the Empire State Building, another American landmark and must see attraction in New York City. Central Park is a great location for your wedding ceremony and your wedding photos. Have you ever considered having your wedding photos taken in Central Park, ladies? This young newlyweds couple is about to have their wedding photo shoot session in Central Park. Prepare the bride for her Central Park wedding photo shoot doing her wedding make up, wedding hairdo and dressing her up in various wedding outfits.