Welcome to the Canterlot High School, the studying place of Equestria Girls! A big event takes place at Canterlot High today and all students are extremely excited about it. It is the prom night and the party starts in a few hours. These three Equestria girls are busy visiting the spa salon to have their make up and hair done. Give the girls a stunning real makeover and make them look fashion fabulous for their prom. Each Canterlot girl needs a facial beauty treatment, so have a great time using lots of magic beauty cosmetics on their face. Their skin will shine with freshness when you are done. Give the Equestria girls a dazzling real make up, combining magic eye shadow powder, glossy lipstick, glittery blush and fantastic mascara. The prom makeover is not complete without the outfits, so dress up the cuties in girly chic dresses and jewels. Enjoy playing our brand new facial beauty game!