Barbie is attending a wedding this afternoon not as a guest or the bride, but as a bridesmaid. Help her get ready with a stunning facial beauty makeover. She will stay next to the bride at the wedding ceremony, which means she will be in the spotlight as well. Looking fashion fabulous is mandatory. Begin with a relaxing facial beauty treatment. While Barbie chills out in the bathtub, cleanse and hydrate her skin complexion with lotions, scented oils, facial creams and masks. Prepare her hair for styling applying a hair care treatment. Continue the bridesmaid makeover with make up and dress up. Dress up Barbie in the prettiest bridesmaid gown, shoes and jewels. Those pink and red bridesmaid dresses look amazing on the cute doll. Pick one and add the rest of the wedding accessories. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game, ladies!