It is bonzer masquerade ball madness, ladies! This is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Lots of masquerade parties take place in the first months of the new year and they should not be missed. This party girl is getting ready for a new fiesta taking place tonight and she needs your help to complete her fabulous makeover. She needs an elegant and super hot dress which you must pick for her, a fancy masquerade mask, gorgeous beads or gold jewelries. She must pay a visit to the spa salon to get a refreshing facial beauty treatment. Take care of her skin, making it soft and flawless with professional salon cosmetics. The hair salon is next on the list. What hairstyle fits her outfit? A long wavy hairdo or a chic braided pony tail will make her look stupendously. Make up is very important and it should be given a special attention. Enjoy playing our brand new facial beauty game!