This college girl is working as a part time clown at the circus and at various kids birthday parties. She likes entertaining children with her funny looking costumes, gestures and grimaces. She studies acting and this job helps her pay her college tuition and gain some acting experience. She is getting ready for a new children's party and she needs your help to put on her make up and outfit. Give the college girl a fancy birthday clown makeover. Use face cleanser, cream, eye concealer and mask to prepare her face for make up. Be careful when you do her make up, as you do not want to exaggerate using too much foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick or eye liner. Dress up the girl in a pretty chic clown dress matching it with a trendy hairstyle or wig, colorful balloons, bunny head band, masquerade ball mask or funny jester hat. Enjoy playing this new facial beauty game!