Disney princess Belle has locked herself in her fairytale palace bedroom as she does not want anybody to see her ugly face acne. She feels horrible and she cannot even look in the mirror. The prince is really worried about his princess. Only you, girls, can help her out with your magical beautician skills. The royal couple are expected to attend an important dinner ball tonight, so you have a few hours to work your magic and turn Belle into the happy and beautiful Disney princess we all know. Begin the fairytale makeover with a facial beauty treatment. Make those ugly spots disappear applying magic powder lotions, creams and masks on Belle's skin. Continue the real makeover with eyebrows plucking, make up and hair styling. Check out Belle's stunning make up kit and walk in closet! Dress her up for the ball in a sparkling princess attire and pick the most glittery diamond princess tiara. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game!