The beauty salon is like heaven on earth for ladies. It's the place that turns them from rags to riches. There is no better way for women to gather, gossip and get beautiful at the same time. Alice goes to the spa salon at least once a month and she spends a whole day pampering her skin, body and nails with the latest beauty treatments. She is about to receive a new spa makeover at the end of which she will look like a true fashion diva. Have fun with Alice giving her a facial beauty treatment first. Wax her mustache, pluck her eyebrows and shave her legs. Continue with a relaxing body massage which will make her skin soft and smooth. Manicure and pedicure are next. Her nails need cutting, filing and polishing. Decorate her finger nails and toes with the latest nail designs and gems. Earn lots of money and buy amazing cosmetics. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game!