Do you shave your legs often, girls! Miley has a stunning beauty treatment which she wants to share with you. She does not fancy waxing as it is too painful and it causes a horrible skin reaction. Instead she developed a fabulous beauty legs treatment which lasts for days. Join Miley on her shaving adventure and get lots of useful tips from her. First you must soak your legs in warm bathtub water. Apply a shaving cream or gel and leave it work its magic. Shave it off with a razor and rinse off the remains with the shower. Follow a few more steps to get the most amazing results. An after shave moisturizing cream or lotion must be used afterwards to prevent any rashes. Use a body cream in the end to get a smooth and silky effect. Put on your best looking dress or skirt and top, add a fancy pair of high heels and you will be a drop gorgeous appearance. Enjoy playing our brand new facial beauty game for girls!