Linda is bridesmaid at her bff's wedding. The happy event happens this weekend and not just the bride, but also Linda are quite nervous. The wedding rehearsal came out perfectly so the wedding should be fabulous. The bridesmaid is expected at the church altar for the ceremony, but she is not done dressing up yet. As a matter of fact, she hasn't even started preparing for the wedding. Help her out with a stunning makeover and turn her into the most beautiful maid of honor. Before applying the make up, cleanse her skin complexion with a facial beauty treatment. Use a moisturizing cream to keep her face hydrated and pluck the hairy eyebrows. It is going to be a long wedding reception which requires a long lasting make up and a resistant hairstyle. She might wanna change outfits during the party which means she needs a backup dress. That one shoulder sparkly red gown looks beautiful on the bridesmaid. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new facial beauty game!