Vanessa wants to look stupendous on Valentine's Day. She is going on a date with a handsome lad from her college. She was super thrilled when he asked her to be his Valentine. Make Vanessa beautiful for Valentine's Day with a stunning head to toe makeover. Give her a spa salon facial beauty treatment which will make her skin clean and flawless. Use cleanser, scrub, exfoliating gommage mask and nourishing face scream. Pluck her eyebrows and wax her mustache. Freshen up her eyes applying cucumber slices on them. Continue the makeover with make up and hair styling. Give her a sparkling smokey eyes look using professional salon eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, blush and lipstick. Dress up Vanessa in a hot and elegant dress or a fancy chic top and bottom outfit. Add a pair of gold, diamond or pearl earrings and necklace set to complete the attire. Should she wear her hair loose and wavy or tied in a bun or pony tail? Have a wonderful time playing our brand new Be My Valentine facial beauty game!