If you wanna be in the middle of the action, New York City is the place to live, girls! Barbie is finally moving to Manhattan and she cannot wait to start her new fashion fabulous life as an Upper East Side girl. She just arrived in the big city and she barely had time to settle in her new skyscraper apartment, when an invitation to a rooftop party reached her. It's her first Manhattan party she attends, so she wants to look amazing. Help Barbie prepare for the glam Manhattan evening event with a stunning makeover. Make her skin soft and flawless with a facial beauty treatment. Use cleanser, scrub, creams, mask and eye cream to create the base for make up. Continue the makeover with hair washing and styling. Apply a hydrating styling mask and hair spray for a fancy long lasting hairstyle. Dress up Barbie in a gorgeous evening gown, shoes and accessories. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game!