Spend the day with Barbie, giving her a complete hair, spa and facial beauty makeover, girls! She is going on a one week vacation next week on a tropical island. She cannot wait to lay on the hot beach sand, get sun tanned and swim in the warm ocean. Prepare Barbie for her summer vacation with a hair care treatment, followed by a beauty spa treatment. Apply hydrating masks, creams and serum on her gorgeous long hair and style it up in a trendy hairdo. Cleanse her face from impurities and spots, apply a moisturizing cream and nourishing mask, and remove the blackheads with a nose band. Wax her eyebrows and pluck them using tweezers. Dress up Barbie in chic and fashionable dresses, tops, skirts, sunglasses, hats and jewels. Floral prints, dots and stripes are in trend this summer season. Have a great time playing this brand new facial beauty game!