Barbie is a regular client at the spa salon. She goes weekly to have her hair, make up or nails done. Once a month she gets a facial beauty treatment and a body massage. No wonder she looks beautiful and fashionable all the time. Here she is at the spa salon again. This time she wants to relax in the Jacuzzi and get a facial beauty makeover for a fancy wedding reception taking place tonight. Spoil Barbie with a fantastic day at the spa. Cleanse and freshen up her skin complexion with a facial beauty treatment while she chills in the Jacuzzi full of lovely smelling petals and body essences. Apply a hydrating mask on her hair to make it smooth and silky, then style it up in a fashionable wedding hairstyle. Continue the makeover with an elegant wedding make up and outfit. A chic and stylish pink dress and pink shoes will look fabulous on Barbie. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game!