Barbie and Ellie are going on a road trip this weekend. They plan on having lots of fun and they want to visit as many places as possible. They have lots of things to do, from packing their bags with clothes and accessories to doing their hair and make up. Speed up Barbie and Ellie's road trip preparation giving them a quick facial beauty treatment to make their face beautiful. Use Barbie's amazing cosmetics to make her skin smooth and flawless. Do her make up using trendy lipstick, mascara, rouge, eye shadow and eyebrow liner. Dress the cute doll in casual chic outfits which must be accessorized with a modern hairstyle, a fancy hat or head band, colorful earrings and fashionable chains. Would a chic dress be appropriate for a road trip or should they rather wear a girly top and jeans? How about a denim shirt matched with a stylish lace skirt and a lady hat? Have fun playing this awesome brand new facial beauty game!