Barbie and Ellie are going to the cinema this afternoon. They want to get out of the house, but it is too cold outside to go for a walk, so the best thing for them is to go to the mall. They haven't been to the cinema for a few months now, so a movie night at the mall sounds like a fabulous idea to spend the evening. Prepare Barbie and Ellie for their movie night, making them look beautiful and skittish. Barbie needs a facial beauty treatment to cleanse and hydrate her skin. Help her apply lots of beauty cosmetic products on her face and pluck her eyebrows. Continue the movie night makeover with a pretty make up, using trendy lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation and blush. Dress up Barbie and Ellie in casual chic outfits and match each attire with a trendy hairdo, jewels, hair band or hair pin. A final look in the mirror is mandatory before stepping out of the door to make sure everything is looking perfect. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game!