Barbie and Ellie are big chocolate fans. They are heading to the pastry shop this afternoon to have a delicious chocolate cake slice, cupcake or maybe an ice cream or a tasty frappe. They want to look pretty and fashionable, as they might ran into some cute lads they fancy. What outfits, hair and make up are most appropriate for such an occasion? Barbie and Ellie are also fans of chocolate face and body masks. They get such beauty treatments every time they visit the spa salon and that's why their skin is always soft and silky. Barbie has such a mask in her girly chic bathroom and she is going to use today. Apply the facial mask on Barbie's face and complete the treatment using the other cosmetics as well. Dress her up in a stylish and feminine dress or in a trendy top and bottom. Finish the makeover with a pretty day make up and a fashionista hairstyle. Don't forget the jewelries and her bag! Have a great time playing our brand new facial beauty game!