Are you ready for a fresh facial beauty makeover, girls? Try it on baby Mia as she is the youngest of your spa salon clients. Make her baby skin soft and radiant applying beauty cosmetics appropriate for her age. Cleanse her face with cleansing lotion and scrub. Treat the red spots. Use a hydrating and refreshing fruit mask and cream. Pluck her messy eyebrows and place a cooling ice patch on her eyes. Baby Mia feels great and she cannot wait to repeat the spa experience again. Continue the fresh makeover with a make up and hair styling session. Transform Mia into a gorgeous modern princess matching her chic princess dresses with pretty earrings, necklaces and shoes. Should she wear a lipstick or is it better if she uses a lip balm for now? She will make a fabulous fashionista when she grows up. Have a fantastic time playing our hot new facial beauty game!