When you wish for something badly, the wish may come true or it may go terribly wrong. Disney Ariel wishes to be a normal princess, but instead of being human she turns into a zombie mermaid princess. The tragic event is due to drinking the wrong magic potion. A zombie curse is now upon Ariel and her fish friend. There is a cure for the zombie curse and the Disney mermaid needs your aid to find it. Help Ariel remove the zombie curse which makes her look creepy hideous. Restore the lost beauty of the Disney princess performing a series of facial beauty and surgical procedures to clean, cut and stitch her zombie face and body. Remove the corals using scissors. Get rid of facial imperfections using sponge. Patch her hands and fishtail using surgery. Choose the right magic potion that will turn Ariel back into a beautiful mermaid princess. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new facial beauty game!