Antonia wants to change her dull and unattractive image into a fashion fabulous diva look. She wants to be the new fashionista on the block and for that she needs an extreme rags to riches makeover. Turn Antonia into the most beautiful and fashionable girl out there. Take care of her skin imperfections with a facial beauty treatment. Use beauty salon cosmetics such as cleanser, toner, zits extractor, facial creams and masks to peel off dead skin cells, remove spots and hydrate the skin complexion. Continue Antonia's makeover plucking her messy eyebrows. Some body waxing might also be needed. The facial beauty treatment is finished and the cute girl is a completely new person already. Make up, hair styling and dress up will complete the extreme makeover. Pick a girly glam new wardrobe for Antonia to wear consisting in chic dresses, high heels, bags and jewels. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game, ladies!