After two weeks spent in bed with the flu, Frozen Anna is ready to face the world again. She has gained her strength and energy, but not her beauty. A real cosmetics makeover is what Anna needs to make all things perfect. Be Anna's beautician and restore her lost beauty. A rejuvenating facial beauty treatment is mandatory for the Frozen princess. Hair waxing and face lifting are also necessary. Cleanse her face using cleansing foam and scrub. Remove dead skin cells, blackheads and pimples. Wax the mustache, eyebrows and chin. A botox injection will give the skin its firmness making it young and soft. Use an anti aging surgical procedure to get rid of unwanted face wrinkles. Use real cosmetics like creams, toners and masks to complete the facial rejuvenation and keep the skin hydrated. How about a make up session afterwards? Have a wonderful time playing our newest facial beauty game!