Alice spent a wonderful day at the beach with her bffs. She got sun tanned or better yet sun burnt. She needs an after sun body wrap badly. Spoil the cute girl with an after sun body wrap spa salon makeover. A warm Jacuzzi bath is first on the makeover list. Make lots of bubbly bath bubbles using lavender and camomile scented oils. Add flower petals as well. Apply hydrating body creams and lotions on Alice's sun tanned skin. Continue the after sun body wrap with a facial beauty treatment and body massage. Clean the skin complexion using cleansing lotion with aloe vera extract that will calm and soothe the redness. Apply an after sun facial mask next and cucumber slices on the eyelids. A moisturizing facial cream is required as well to prevent dryness. Pamper the body with an after sun body cream. Remove the cream and continue with a back massage. Use special massage oils and lotions that will hydrate the sun burnt skin. Finish the spa makeover playing our brand new facial beauty game!