Fashion survives even in the coldest and most weather unfriendly places of Monster High. Abbey Bominable is spending this weekend at home up north with her Yeti parents. She has a fun way to spend her days playing in the snow with her pet and making herself pretty with her amazing icy makeover resembling her personality. Abbey Bominable uses a stunning icy facial beauty treatment which freezes the aging process, preserving the skin's youth and freshness. Check it out and help the Monster High ghoul diva apply the various icy cosmetics on her face. Continue the makeover with a fantastic make up session using the make up kit Abbey has in her dressing. Get inspired from her fashionable wardrobe for this winter season. Fur, cotton and wool are the fabrics she likes wearing the most. Accessorize her clothes with pretty jewels, hairstyles and hair bands. Have an amazing time playing this new facial beauty game!